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Better housing is crucial for our health and the COVID-19 recovery

Posted 28.12.20
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Since March 2020, most people in the UK have been spending a lot more time at home. Rarely has the nature of these homes been more important, as they are doubling up as workplaces, schools, gyms and the only place to spend time if working from home, furloughed or unemployed.

This has highlighted stark inequalities in housing, with some residents enduring the lockdown in large homes with gardens and plenty of living space, while others struggle in overcrowded conditions with no outdoor space.

COVID-19 has highlighted and intensified existing problems with housing in England.

Housing can contribute positively to people's mental and physical health - but all too frequently it does not. This comprehensive article sets out the links between housing and health and explores the inequalities in housing across different groups and types of tenures.

It then consider the impact of COVID-19 on housing so far, future risks and possible ways forward.


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