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Evidence submitted during December at the Second Phase of the Inquiry

The second phase of the Grenfell Tower Inquiry reconvened on Monday 7th September. Full transcripts of all evidence submitted can be found on the Inquiry's website via this link.

The links links below are to articles that have appeared elsewhere, which summarise key evidence (and related issues) submitted to the inquiry this month.

The Grenfell Tower Inquiry, has been shown damning email correspondence involving a manager at Irish cladding firm Kingspan Group.
- Insurance Business UK: 01.12.20: Article link


Insulation manufacturer Kingspan has begun disciplinary procedures and investigations of some current and former staff arising from the Grenfell Tower inquiry in Britain.
- The Irish Times: 02.12.20: Article link


The former technical lead of an insulation maker whose product was used on Grenfell Tower has said he did not know that the product "burnt very ferociously" during a failed fire test.
- ITV News: 02.12.20: Article link


A fire expert warned a national construction body that the increasing use of flammable materials on high-rise buildings was "an accident waiting to happen" around three years before the Grenfell Tower fire, the inquiry has heard.
- ITV News: 03.12.20: Article link


Bosses and directors of Kingspan, the company that sold the ill-fated cladding materials allegedly responsible for the Grenfell Tower disaster, reportedly cashed in £123million of shares in the months leading up to the inquiry.
- EuroWeekly: 05.12.20: Article link


Staff at insulation giant Kingspan, which made some of the combustible material used on Grenfell tower, joked in 2016 that claims about how safe the product was were "all lies" and it should be scrapped.
- The Irish Times: 09.12.20: Article link


A manufacturer of Grenfell Tower's combustible insulation rigged tests and hired lobbyists after the disaster to try to persuade MPs that rival non-combustible products might be no less dangerous.
- The Guardian: 09.12.20: Article link


Kingspan's technical director has denied the firm acted in a "dishonest and disreputable way" when it continued to sell Kooltherm K15 insulation for 14 years using a safety test certificate for a previous version of the product.
- Housing Today: 09.12.20: Article link


Inquiry Suspended

On the 9th December, the inquiry into the Grenfell Tower fire was suspended for over a month after a member of staff tested positive for Covid-19.


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Updated 18.12.20

Mail Online: Bosses at French construction firm shun Grenfell inquiry citing obscure law used just once in 52 years as evidence reveals they knew flammable cladding was 'substandard'

Inside Housing: Government watered down Grenfell recommendations for disabled people after push from industry lobbyists

Irish Examiner: Kingspan sheds €3.5bn in value since starting evidence to Grenfell Inquiry last month


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