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Blog Watch: Yimbyism is a broad church and it should be

Posted 26.05.20
Red Brick: Further reading

This blog has been posted to Red Brick by Anya Martin, Head of Policy at PricedOut - which is England's national campaign for more affordable housing.

It provides an overview of the aims of PricedOut, which include campaigning for more housing, more affordable housing, a better private rented sector and a more effective and equitable system of property taxation.

The organisation's focus on building more homes puts it squarely within the pro-development YIMBY ("yes in my back yard") movement.

The blog points to the YIMBY movement's attraction for a broad political spectrum of the people, including enjoying the support of committed socialists, steadfast centrists, and outspoken neoliberals.

It effectively highlights the contributing factors to both shortage and the high cost of housing. Whatever the persuasions of the reader, the debate presented is worth exploring.

The blog is not confined to 'doom and gloom', as illustrated by this extract:

"I met a housing campaigner from San Francisco last year who was amazed to find beautiful social housing estates right in the middle of central London, opposite swanky executive pads.

"To him it was unthinkable that poor and rich neighbourhoods weren't totally separated."

KeyFacts editorial note - Food for thought!


G15 launches a call for 100,000 new homes for essential workers of the coronavirus pandemic

Posted 11.05.20
G15: Further reading

The G15, which represents the largest providers of affordable homes in London, is launching a call to build low cost homes for the essential workers who have kept Britain going during the coronavirus outbreak.

Inspired by the 'Homes fit For Heroes' programme after the First World War, the group has set out a broad outline of how 100,000 new affordable homes could be built throughout the country.

From NHS staff, to care workers, teachers, refuse collectors, delivery workers and many more, this modern day 'Homes for Heroes' would see the construction of good quality affordable homes which are well designed, energy efficient and digitally connected.

The G15 has created a report on how they can be delivered, resting on four building blocks:

The G15 is already housing many thousands of essential workers. Social housing is home to one third of London's police officers and ambulance staff, and one third of workers in care-related jobs.


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