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IT Eye Update provides an overview of news from the past six months

Updated 28.05.20
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IT Eye Update provides an overview of news during the past six months from IT organisations working with social landlords and others in the sectors.

If we are aware of news of relevance from other sources, we will also include it.

The standard format used is a compilation of short news summaries, with links for further reading.

Posted in our InFocus section, IT Eye Update will always be available from this section of KeyFacts.

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New virtual social housing forum for housing professionals to share views and experiences

Posted 22.05.20
VerseOne: Further reading

VerseOne has launched a Social Housing Forum to facilitate weekly digital discussions with as many organisations from the housing sector who want to get involved (not just its own customers).

As a platform for those actively involved within the social housing sector, it encourages virtual coming together to share and exchange ideas and experiences, for the betterment of their own tenants and organisations, and the wider sector.

The concept of the Forum is centred on choices, with possible debates and discussions around a range of topics and issues affecting the sector.

For example, these may include discussions on:

There is also weekly round-table sessions for social housing professionals to share and discuss issues. The next one of these is on 28th May - Helping Vulnerable Tenants during Covid-19. Details can be accessed via this link.


HACT calls for social housing organisations to invest in smart technology

Posted 21.05.20
HACT: Further reading

In a newly published White Paper, HACT calls for social housing organisations to invest in smart technology, as a critical step towards achieving a data-driven future.

Rob Wray, Chief Innovation Officer, HACT said:

"The smart social home will save social housing organisations money, and improve their carbon footprint.

"Implementing the Internet of Things (IoT) technology should be a part of business transformation, rather than existing in its own silo.

"Finally, the smart social home can enable social housing residents and the communities they live in, improving resident engagement and breaking down the current stigmatisation of residents."

The White Paper, called Do The Smart Thing, examines some of the pilots that social housing organisations have run over the past five years to test the value of smart technology.

It reviews some of the wider barriers to implementation, as well as highlights some of the benefits of smart technology for both residents and social housing organisations.


LHP choose Aareon as Housing Management & Digital Solutions provider

Posted 01.05.20
Aareon UK: Further reading

Lincolnshire Housing Partnership (LHP) has chosen Aareon UK as their preferred Housing Management & Digital Solutions provider.

LHP have procured Aareon QL Next Generation, 1st Touch Mobile for staff & 360 Customer Portal, to be delivered as fully Aareon Hosted.

LHP have 12,700 properties in Lincolnshire area, and are keen to drive digital transformation within their business.


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