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Updated 30.03.20
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IT Eye Update provides an overview of news during the past six months from IT organisations working with social landlords and others in the sectors.

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VerseOne Group acclaimed as 'The UK's Leading Digital Transformation Solutions Provider'

Posted 11.03.20
VerseOne Group: Further reading

VerseOne Group has been acclaimed as 'The UK's Leading Digital Transformation Solutions Provider' at the 2020 Corporate Excellence Awards.

The award crowns another bumper year for VerseOne, which has seen its integrated digital solutions break yet further ground in NHS provision, while it consolidates its leading position in the social housing market.

Founder and Executive Chairman Alan Neilson welcomed the news, saying:

"Over the past year, as well as further extending the depth and breadth of our solutions into our focus sectors of the NHS and Social Housing, as ever we've continued to innovate technology to provide complementary, value-add solutions to maximise our offering to our customers.

"This has resulted in the introduction of some exciting new enterprise products such as Vocoll - our smart digital assistant and collaboration software suite - which as an integrate is delivering fantastic, tangible results for our customers across all sectors.

The awards were hosted by AI Media's Corporate Vision Magazine.


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