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Housing Plus takes a look at how social landlords often go 'a step further'

Updated 30.03.20
InFocus: Article link

Housing Plus provides brief reports on activities of social landlords that can be described as 'in addition to landlord/tenant requirements', often associated with the welfare of residents and others in the community - with links for further reading.

This edition covers the period January to June 2020 and it is regularly updated.

Posted in our InFocus section, Housing Plus will always be available from this section of KeyFacts.

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Report calls Together Housing diversity project a "new pathway and enabler for board diversity"

Posted 19.03.20
Together Housing Group: Article link

An interim report has highlighted the successes of a Together Housing diversity project and calls the programme a "new pathway and enabler for board diversity".

The Achieving and Harnessing Board Diversity programme was pioneered by Together Housing Group and Progress Housing Group in partnership with Housing Diversity Network.

The report highlighted the success of the programme in creating a new approach to improving board diversity through creative recruitment of potential board members from diverse backgrounds.

Participants of the project undergo a two-year training and development programme, so they have the skills to apply for board vacancies in the future.

Through the project, boards have been introduced to prospective new members who have strengthened their knowledge and expertise.

These prospective new members are now in a better position to apply for vacancies.


Crown Simmons Housing to become a subsidiary of Southern Housing Group

Posted 19.03.20
Crown Simmons Housing: Article link

Crown Simmons Housing has announced that it is forming a partnership with Southern Housing Group and will be joining it as a subsidiary from 1 April 2020.

The partnership will see the expanded Southern Housing Group looking to build over 1,000 homes in Surrey and Sussex over the coming years.

Crown Simmons Housing will keep its name and identity but the wider Group will be providing a number of services for its residents - including a repairs service, resident involvement and community investment opportunities.


RBKC reintroduces lifetime tenancies

Posted 02.03.20
Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC): Article link

Kensington and Chelsea tenants have been given the security of a home for life after the Council reintroduced lifetime tenancies.

Responding to calls from residents for peace of mind and certainty over their own homes, RBKC has made sure that all of its tenants will convert from fixed term tenancies to lifetime tenancies - unless they have breached the conditions of their tenancy.

Previously the Council offered tenants flexible tenancies for five years and two years in exceptional circumstances.

All new tenants will be signed up for a one-year introductory tenancy before moving on to lifetime tenancies.


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Updated 06.03.20

Equity Housing Group:Great Places and Equity Housing Group have confirmed their plans to merge on 1st April 2020, to form a new and larger organisation, with Equity's tenants becoming tenants of - Great Places.


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