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Data shows how little public land is being used to solve the housing crisis

Posted 18.02.20
New Economic Foundation (NEF): Further reading

NEF has released its findings on how little public land is being used to solve the affordable housing crisis.

Last year, based on planning documents from a sample of public land sales, NEF estimated that only 6% of homes built on land sold under the government's disposal scheme were for social rent.

NEF's analysis of new government data suggests the proportion of homes for social rent is in fact less than half what it previously found.

Analysis of these new figures has found that:


£24 million injected into building more affordable homes in Wales

Posted 18.02.20
Welsh Government: Further reading

Wales Housing Minister, Julie James, has announced a further £24 million is being injected immediately into building more new affordable homes.

The additional funding for housing will help accelerate the Welsh Government's programme of providing 20,000 more affordable homes across Wales by 2021, by giving an immediate funding boost to shovel-ready schemes across the country.

13,143 of the 20,000 promised by 2021 have already been delivered (up to end of March 2019). This includes 2,592 affordable housing units delivered across Wales in 2018/19, 12% higher than 2017/18 and the highest annual total to date.

This additional injection of funding will see £6 million in general capital funding allocated to the Social Housing Grant programme, which plays a critical role in increasing the supply of both new social and intermediate housing.

This will help build an additional 70 new homes across Wales.


Future funding guarantee included in Scottish affordable housing budget

Posted 12.02.20
Scottish Government: Further reading

More than £840 million will support the delivery of affordable homes in Scotland.

The Scottish Government's budget announced a £17 million increase to help meet the commitment to deliver 50,000 affordable homes in Scotland over the course of this parliament.

A further £300 million was also committed for 2021-22. to ensure affordable homes continue to be delivered beyond the current parliamentary term.

The Scottish Government has now committed more than £3.5 billion to deliver good quality, secure and affordable homes.

Since 2007, it has delivered more than 89,000 affordable homes - including 61,356 for social rent, with the remainder for affordable home ownership and affordable rent.


West Midlands becomes first region to re-define 'affordable housing'

Posted 05.02.20
WMCA: Further reading

Home ownership could be put within the reach of thousands more people in the West Midlands thanks to a new regional approach to affordable housing.

The West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) has become the first region in the UK to introduce its own localised definition of affordable housing, linking the definition to the real world incomes of people in the area rather than to local house prices.

The new definition, which has been approved by the WMCA's Housing and Land Board, is based on local people paying no more than 35% of their salary on mortgages or rent.

The WMCA believes the change will not only provide genuinely affordable homes for local people but also encourage new types of affordable housing to come onto the market.


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