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- SFHA to work with Regulator and housing bodies to develop 'Self-Assurance Toolkit'

" /> <h2>SFHA to work with Regulator and housing bodies to develop 'Self-Assurance Toolkit'</h2>

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SFHA to work with Regulator and housing bodies to develop 'Self-Assurance Toolkit'

Posted 25.04.19
Scottish Federation of Housing Associations: Further reading

The Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA), Glasgow and West of Scotland Forum of Housing Associations, the Association of Local Authority Chief Housing Officers and the Scottish Housing Regulator (SHR) have announced that they will work together on the development of a 'Self-Assurance Toolkit'.

The aim of the toolkit, which is being led by SFHA, is to help social landlords to comply with the SHR's new Regulatory Framework, which introduces changes in social housing regulation.

Partnership working will ensure that the toolkit is influenced and informed by the social housing sector.

A project group will be established and led by the SFHA and include the partner associations and the Regulator.

The first priority for the project will be to identify the questions that governing bodies and committees should ask themselves in order to be able to sign off the assurance statement.

The SFHA's existing 'Self-Assessment Against Regulatory Standards' guidance will be used to develop aspects of the content, along with other relevant guidance.

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