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- Universal credit to hit 1.9 million by over 1,000 per year

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Universal credit to hit 1.9 million by over £1,000 per year

Posted 24.04.19
Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS): Further reading

11 million adults (and a third of working-age ones) will be in households entitled to some universal credit (UC). Around 4.2 million of these will be at least £100 per year better off than under the current system and 4.6 million will - after transitional protection expires - be at least £100 per year worse off.

New IFS analysis, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council and Understanding Society, digs deeper to examine those households that will lose or gain the most under UC, and whether these effects are short-lived or persistent for those concerned.

Large gains and losses from UC are common: 1.6 million adults will gain by more than £1,000 per year and 1.9 million will lose at least that much.

Among the 1.9 million losing £1,000 per year or more, three-quarters are affected by UC's harsher treatment of the following groups:

Those in working rented households on means-tested benefits are most likely to gain large amounts.


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