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- ALMOS only replace 69% of RTB sales

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ALMOS only replace 69% of RTB sales

Posted 05.04.19
National Federation of ALMOs: Further reading

Local authority housing companies added almost 2,000 new properties to their stock in 2018 - yet this was only enough to replace 69% of right-to-buy sales, a report just published reveals.

The annual survey conducted by the National Federation of ALMOs, which represents 31 council-owned housing companies across England, shows a net loss of more than 800 properties over the last 12 months.

Launching this year's report, NFA Managing Director Eamon McGoldrick said:

"The survey shows the impact that Right to Buy is having on the stock of council housing, with ALMOs only able to replace 69% of the RtB sales this year.

"Whilst we welcome the recent changes to local authority finance which will support the building of a new generation of council housing, unless the Government implements the flexibilities to RTB that we have been calling for, it is like a leaking bucket; the sector will continue to lose more council homes than it can replace."

The above link gives access to download the survey report.

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