Updated 31.01.19

- 65% increase in rough sleeping since 2010 'should shame us all' says CIH

- New statistics show an increase in applications an increase for homelessness assistance in Scotland

- New map of London's homelessness services launched

- Six North Wales councils join forces to fight homelessness

" /> <h2>65% increase in rough sleeping since 2010 'should shame us all' says CIH</h2>

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65% increase in rough sleeping since 2010 'should shame us all' says CIH

Posted 31.01.19
Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH): Article link

Figures released by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government have revealed that the total number of people counted or estimated to be sleeping rough on a single night in England in Autumn 2018 was 4,677 - down 2% compared with 2017 but up 165% since 2010.

CIH Deputy Chief Executive Gavin Smart said:

"It is frankly unacceptable that thousands of people are being forced to sleep on our streets - and the fact that this number has soared by 165% since 2010 should shame us all.

"We must take action now. The government's rough sleeping strategy rightly recognises this and aims to halve rough sleeping by 2022 and end it by 2027 - this is achievable, but only with the right level of investment and all of us pulling out all the stops to end homelessness."

Link: Rough sleeping in England: autumn 2018.


New statistics show an increase in applications an increase for homelessness assistance in Scotland

Posted 30.01.19
Scottish Government: Article link

Scottish local authorities received 18,486 applications for homelessness assistance during the six months between 1 April 2018 and 30 September 2018, 2% higher than the same period during 2017.

The increase in homelessness applications follows a period of decreasing numbers of applications beginning around spring 2010. This downward trend has slowed down over the last couple of years and has levelled out since 2015.

The fall in homelessness applications is likely to be due to the impact of housing options and homelessness prevention strategies adopted by most local authorities over the past few years rather than to changes in the underlying drivers of homelessness.

The rate of reduction in homelessness applications has significantly slowed over most recent years, with a 1.3% increase being seen in the 12 months to 30 September 2018 compared with same period to September 2017.

This suggests that, in its current form, the impact of housing options work is unlikely to lead to further large reductions in applications beyond those already seen.


New map of London's homelessness services launched

Posted 29.01.19
Homeless Link: Article link

The new London Housing Foundation (LHF) Atlas of London's homelessness services was launched on 28 January 2019.

This initial launch was the culmination of several months of work developing the maps for the site using, a data visualisation tool, data collection, website design and user testing.

The new Atlas, delivered by the LHF in partnership with Homeless Link, is an interactive website that allows people to view services and statistics across London - in a specific borough or at a multi-borough level.

Commissioners and policy makers will now be able to see in real time which services are available, and the latest statistics on rough sleeping.

The above link also gives access to a video illustrating the new Atlas.


Six North Wales councils join forces to fight homelessness

Posted 17.01.19
Chartered Institute of Housing: Article link

The six counties of North Wales, in partnership with the Chartered Institute of Housing Cymru, have published People, Homes and Services: A regional approach to tackling homelessness in North Wales. The six local authorities are:

In a joint statement, the six leads on housing and homelessness, said: "This is our joint commitment to end homelessness in North Wales".

The document sets out a regional strategy to tackling homelessness in all its forms - whether it be rough sleeping, youth homelessness, or those living in temporary accommodation waiting on a social housing waiting list.

Underpinning that strategy is a regional action plan as well as six individual action plans from each local authority.


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