Updated 17.01.19

- Hafod's self-service customer app supports customer charter

- Kirona launches a new workflow management solution

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Hafod's self-service customer app supports customer charter

Posted 17.01.19
Aareon UK: Article link

Following the successful launch of its new self-service customer app, Hafod has achieved significant operational efficiencies and improved two-way customer communication with a new Customer Charter.

The app was supplied by leading housing technology company Aareon UK and initially it will give Hafod's customers access to:

In light of the initial success, Hafod is now adding two additional functions:

The app enables Hafod's customers to get involved through a method that had not previously been an option. This increased engagement has helped Hafod gather wider customer views and to shape and publish a new Customer Charter.


Kirona launches a new workflow management solution

Posted 14.01.19
Kirona: Article link

Kirona are well known in the housing sector for their leading DRS scheduling solution and mobile workforce management application; Job Manager.

They have now launched a new work management system called Work Hub. Created to manage the workflow between central functions and field-based operatives, it pulls together disparate back-office data and systems to enable reliable, seamless data flow throughout the organisation.

Kirona worked in partnership with Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council's Asset Management and Maintenance Service (covering housing repairs) when creating Work Hub.

After implementing Work Hub, the Council now has a reliable and stable workflow management system that integrates with their Housing Management System, DRS and Job Manager - enabling housing repairs and asset data in one system.

The potential scope of Work Hub goes beyond the housing repairs team to other departments within the Council - connecting departments with one another and with mobile workers in real-time.

The above link is to a page that provides more information about Work Hub.


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