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- Thousands of fire doors that failed at Grenfell still in use

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Thousands of fire doors that failed at Grenfell still in use

Posted 08.01.19
HuffPost UK: Article link

Thousands of fire doors identical to those blamed for helping spread the blaze at Grenfell Tower are still being used in public housing across the UK.

Freedom of Information requests sent to 123 local authorities by HuffPost have found that at least 25,000 doors installed in social housing are among the five types that failed testing carried out following the 2017 tragedy in west London.

A public inquiry into the disaster stated that poorly performing products contributed to the disaster that killed 72 people. Responses from local councils reveal that the vast majority of the failed doors still in use match those used at Grenfell.

The data reveals a portrait of confusion and chaos at a local level, with councils claiming they have yet to act because of a lack of alternatives - and uncertainty over how to tackle the problem.

The 25,000 figure is likely to be significantly higher since many authorities who replied admitted they do not hold records on the type of fire doors they have fitted in public housing.

A number of authorities have also handed management of their property portfolio to a separate company and refused to answer.


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