Updated 24.05.18

- Five innovative homeless shelters from around the World

- Should we give to people who beg?

- Housing Secretary James Brokenshire awards funding to reduce rough sleeping

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Five innovative homeless shelters from around the World

Posted 24.05.18
Housing Futures: Article link

Homelessness is a scourge that still effects every country across the world. There are many different organisations working on this issue but short-term shelters continue to be a bridge to permanent housing for many homeless.

This article by Josh Crites briefly describes five shelters from around the world that are providing unique services:


Should we give to people who beg?

Posted 11.05.18
World Habitat: Article link

This winter's freezing temperatures brought homelessness to the headlines. The number of people recorded dying on the streets in the UK rose to 78, double the number in just five years.

An article by activist Matt Broomfield in the New Statesman urged us to 'give money directly and unconditionally' to all people who beg, from the 'woman who's blind drunk [..] to the guy with meth-rotted teeth', sparking a heated public debate.

In total opposition to this, Jeremy Swain, chief executive of London homelessness charity Thames Reach, warned that 'giving money to the homeless isn't generous - it can condemn them to death'.

So, what's the answer? Should we give to people who beg?

This article by Celeste Sangster considers the issues raised in depth and provides much to think about.


Housing Secretary James Brokenshire awards funding to reduce rough sleeping

Posted 10.05.18
GOV.UK: Article link

Three areas in England are set to launch new pilot projects to support rough sleepers with complex needs get off the streets into stable and affordable accommodation,today.

Housing Secretary Rt Hon James Brokenshire MP has announced funding for projects in Greater Manchester, Liverpool City Region and the West Midlands Combined Authority.

These will offer individuals intensive support to recover from complex health issues, for example substance abuse and mental health difficulties and sustain their tenancies.

The pilot projects will be based on Housing First, an internationally-proven approach to supporting rough sleepers into long-term accommodation.

Housing First puts the emphasis on finding individuals a secure and affordable home to live in, while providing them with expert support to rebuild their lives.

In Europe, Housing First projects have been successful at ending homelessness for at least 8 out of 10 people in the scheme. This is compared to hostel-based accommodation which has resulted in between 40% and 60% of users with complex needs leaving, or ejected, before their homelessness is resolved.


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