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- Ombudsman services releases findings of housing dialogue

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Ombudsman services releases findings of housing dialogue

Posted 03.05.18
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Ombudsman Services (OS) has released Building Balance Restoring Power, its major dialogue looking at how complaints should be handled in the housing sector in order to better protect consumers.

Between 9 March - 5 April 2018 the dialogue collected over 400 responses from tenants, renters, homeowners, landlords and those working in the sector.

Responses overwhelmingly indicated a need for change, with seven in 10 consumers finding the system for complaining in the housing sector confusing, and more than half not knowing where to go to complain about housing and property.

The full report makes several recommendations and has been submitted as part of a comprehensive White Paper in response to the Government's Strengthening consumer redress in housing consultation.

OS launched Building Balance following its decision to withdraw from the property sector from August 2018, saying it would no longer offer a broken solution to a broken market.


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