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- Government to launch review into carbon monoxide alarms

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Government to launch review into carbon monoxide alarms

Posted 02.05.18
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A government review into rules that require carbon monoxide alarms to be fitted in homes across England has been announced by Housing Minister Dominic Raab.

Around 8 million carbon monoxide alarms are currently installed in homes across England - a requirement when solid fuel appliances such as wood burning stoves and boilers are installed, as well as in private rental properties that feature a solid fuel appliance.

Launching later this year, the review will examine the regulations closely to establish whether they remain fit for purpose. This will include whether there should be a blanket requirement to install alarms for all methods of heating, including gas and oil.

The review will also consider whether the cost of alarms is affecting installation rates and will look at new research into the number of carbon monoxide poisonings.


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