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Views from Altair

Posted 09.04.18
Altair: Article link

Articles recently posted on Altair's website include:

The Importance of Trust

Building and retaining trust in the services of housing organisations is more important than ever in the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire.

Brexit - The Facts, Opportunities and How to Deal With Them

Brexit Secretary David Davis confirmed, just before Christmas, that the Government had not undertaken any detailed assessments of the impact of Brexit on the housing sector, or in fact any sector.

But this is not an excuse for housing providers to skip this step.

Did You Publish Your Gender Pay Report by the 4th April?

If you were a housing association which had 250 or more employees on 1st April 2017, you were required under The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017 to produce a Gender Pay Gap Report by 4th April 2018.

Important questions that HAs should be asking themselves are, did we meet the reporting requirements by April 2018? What can we do about our gender pay gap?

The Sector Scorecard

The HCA has issued a new Value for Money standard for social housing providers.

The new standard requires providers to publish performance evidence in their annual accounts against seven metrics defined by the regulator, as well as their own metrics, and to report how that performance compares with their peers.


CT Brief, Issue No. 34 available to download

Posted 06.04.18
Campbell Tickell: Article link

CT Brief, Issue 34 has a wide range of articles on topical issues covering:

The above link gives access to download CT Brief, 34.


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