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- More than 2,000 take part in 'Rethinking social housing' workshops

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More than 2,000 take part in 'Rethinking social housing' workshops

Posted 09.04.18
Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH): Article link

More than 2,000 people have had their say on the future of social housing by taking part in workshops as part of a major CIH project.

Nearly 200 groups - including tenants, housing professionals and other people interested in housing - have taken part in the workshops over the last two months as part of CIH's Rethinking social housing project.

A full range of housing organisations took part across a wide geographical spread; including housing associations, local authorities and co-operatives. Around half of the respondents were tenants.

An online toolkit was made available in January, so that anyone with an interest in social housing could take part in a workshop and explore fundamental questions before reporting the results back to CIH.

Over the same period, around 760 people completed an online survey asking the same questions - which was designed for those who couldn't take part in a workshop.

The next stage of the project will involve a significant public perceptions survey before the final results of the project, along with a report featuring recommendations, is revealed in the summer.


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