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Free guide to download - 'The role of technology in combating loneliness and isolation'

Posted 15.02.18
Appello UK: Article link

This guide for housing providers explores the role of technology in combating loneliness and social isolation in a supported housing environment.

Housing providers are often at the frontline of dealing with people feeling lonely or socially isolated, and so they are in a unique position to be able to help.

While not a substitute for human interaction, we know that technology has huge potential to help alleviate some of these issues, offering a lifeline to older people in their homes and supporting caregivers to fulfil their roles more efficiently and effectively.

The above link gives access to download the guide.


Changing world prompts Salix Homes to 'Rethink Housing'

Posted 02.02.18
Salix Homes: Article link

To meet the challenges presented by the digital age, Salix Homes has launched its updated five-year plan - 'Rethinking Housing'.

Lee Sugden, Chief Executive at Salix Homes, commented:

"Rapid technological advances, Brexit, welfare reforms and a growing housing crisis are just some of the changes we are facing.

"With these changes come opportunities, such as a truly digital service for our customers, a closer partnership with health providers or even a stronger voice to help tackle the housing crisis.

"The time is right for us to think differently about how we meet these challenges. The time is right for us to rethink housing."

Click here to watch the 'Rethinking Housing' video, setting out the vision of Salix Homes for the future.


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