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Updated 28.02.18
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Housing Futures is the online platform on housing strategies for cities around the globe. The following have been posted recently.

Affordable Housing and Homelessness in America: Navigating a Confusing World

The world of affordable housing in the USA can be upsetting, confusing and frustrating.

This article looks at affordable housing and homeless programmes in the USA and attempts to figure out what they do at their simplest core.


The Aftermath of the Dutch Social Housing Act of 2015

Since the housing act of 2015, the Dutch housing market underwent severe changes. The housing associations are decreasing and so is the social rented sector.

Furthermore, the associations focus on their core task: providing affordable housing for socially-disadvantaged lower income households.

On the other hand, home-ownership and private rent is increasing.


What's next for social housing in Austria? The plans for housing from the new Conservative/Far-Right Coalition Government

The housing crisis has also been felt in Austria, in particular in urban areas where private sector rents have increased much faster than incomes and where affordable housing construction is lagging behind demand.

This has hit low-income households particularly hard. New plans for housing are set to exacerbate this trend.


Three massive public housing redevelopments taking place in the USA

Housing authorities across the USA are always trying to develop or redevelop new or existing affordable housing.

In some cases, these redevelopments are multi-million and even billion dollar real estate deals. In these instances, the redevelopment brings jobs, infrastructure and opportunities to areas that might be economically depressed.

This article examine three of the larger projects taking place in the USA.


Segregation in Dutch Social Housing

Migration has a long and complex history in the Netherlands. Migration, social housing, and segregation are very much interconnected. In the past, many social housing dwellings were sold and, therefore, privatised.

Such practices resulted in the fact that the amount of privatised social housing dwellings in the inner-city is way higher than in the peripheral districts.

For lower income households, especially those of migrants from poorer countries, this means that they are forced out to the outer districts.


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