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SFHA Development Conference

Posted 08.12.17
Scottish Federation of Housing Associations: Article link

6th February 2018

This year's Development Conference comes as the housing association sector continues to work to deliver the unprecedented 50,000 homes target.

The conference will look at what we need to do to deliver the homes:

In addition to a focus on delivering 50,000 homes to meet housing need, the conference will also look at the wider benefits that £3 billion public funds must bring - including better places that promote wellbeing, jobs and community benefits and housing for older people and people with particular needs.

This thread will run through the Development Conference and link to the SFHA Procurement Conference the following day.

Booking arrangements can be accessed via the above link.


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Updated 08.12.17

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  • National housing Federation: Risk Management Conference - 23rd January 2018: Birmingham.

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