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Self-service success drives new functionality for Halton Housing's customer app

Posted 04.12.17
Aareon: Article link

Halton Housing manages 7,000 homes in the Cheshire towns of Widnes and Runcorn.

As part of its 'Digital First' strategy, the housing association has worked closely with Aareon, using its 1st Touch software to develop the self-service customer app along with a website portal and mobile working for its workforce.

Since the initial launch, the Self Service App has proved to be popular:

Combined, this has reduced incoming customer phone calls by 71%.

Overall, Halton Housing's aim is to get 90% of customer led transactions online by 2018 - they are already running at over 80%, a figure which is continually increasing.

Initially, the App delivered the ability for customers to view details of their tenancy/rent balance as well as the ability to request a repair or arranging a gas engineer visit and a number of other functions.

After 18 months of successfully using the system, Halton Housing has now introduced a wealth of new customer-focussed features.

An animation of the new customer App can be viewed via this link.


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