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New research finds that Government plans to cap supported housing do not match actual costs

Posted 18.10.17
Rethink Mental Illness: Article link

Rethink Mental Illness has published new research showing that Government plans to cap benefits for those in supported housing fall short of the actual cost of this housing, and will leave many people struggling to afford it.

The new report - Mental Health Supported Housing: Securing financial stability, supply and quality - looks specifically at housing for people living with mental illness and how this is funded.

The Government set out a plan to cap housing benefit at the same rate as the lowest rents in the private rented sector. A review, commissioned by Department of Work and Pensions officials, suggested average housing costs which are now shown to be far lower than the real costs of this type of provision.

In some cases the Government's estimates were £80 a week lower than the real cost. The research concludes that the Government must drop this proposed cap as soon as possible and work with people who live in and run supported housing to find a funding model that's fit for purpose.


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