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Fair Press for Tenants - launch of a new guide for journalists

Posted 15.09.17
National Union of Journalists: Article link

Fair Press for Tenants seeks to challenge any negative perceptions that impact upon tenants, while offering opportunities for more positive portrayals.

It is part of a wider project - Benefit to Society - intending to identify and tackle misrepresentations of people living in social housing.

The guide is aimed at journalists, PR professionals, documentary makers and any media workers keen to hear the views of their readers, viewers and listeners on media representation of life in social housing.

It is informed entirely by the ideas and words of people living in social housing.

The National Union of Journalists has joined the campaign led by a number of housing organisations, to understand the source and impact of stigma around living in social housing and to challenge any media stereotypes.


CT Brief: Issue No. 30 now out

Posted 13.09.17
Campbell Tickell: Article link

The new issue of CT Brief is now out, with articles and news on a range of topics, including:


Blog Watch: Resetting the Housing Policy Clock (Gemma Duggan and Steve Douglas)

Posted 08.09.17
Altair: Article link

The White Paper in the spring of this year was intended to herald a new era of strategic thinking on housing policy. We then had a General Election, followed by the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower and much of the policy agenda felt as though it was put on hold.

But that's not strictly true as much of the policy thinking had actually been completed and was nearly ready to go. So now that the new government has had time to settle, clear its head a little and has used the summer to engage leading figures in the sector in discussions.

These have ranged from greater involvement from tenants in decision making, through to the range of different types of providers that could help in accelerating housing building provision.

This article looks at what housing providers should be preparing for?


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