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Kerslake Commission's final report urges the Government to act quickly to avoid a surge in rough sleeping

Posted 23.09.21
The Kerslake Commission on Homelessness and Rough Sleeping: Further reading

The Kerslake Commission on Homelessness and Rough Sleeping was launched in March 2020 and has met four times.

In March the Commission discussed consensus about what worked well in the ongoing pandemic response for rough sleepers and what some of the more complex issues might be going ahead.

In May the Board discussed the early findings from the evidence gathering stage, which invited organisations to submit their views on what did and didn't work.

In July the Board discussed the recommendations to come out of the evidence gathering to inform the Commission's interim report.

In September the Board discussed the Commission's final report and recommendations as well as plans for the future to ensure that this work is taken forward.

That final report - A new way of working: ending rough sleeping together - has been published. It sends a clear message that without urgent action the benefits and lessons learned from the joint working during the pandemic will be wasted - and the number of people having to sleep on the streets will rise again.

The report makes 12 key recommendations which it says must be actioned if the positives achieved during the pandemic are not to be lost. These include:

The above link provides direct access to the full report.


Blog Watch: A look at some of last month's interesting posts

Posted 01.09.21

In this new regular feature, we look back over the past month and highlight some of the blogs and similar posts that have grabbed our attention.

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Respite Rooms: Creating a safe space for women sleeping rough, survivors of domestic abuse

Michaela Campbell: Homeless Link

140 single gender spaces will be created as part of a £3.7 million fund providing safe accommodation with expert specialist support. But does this go far enough for women experiencing homelessness and domestic abuse?


Homeless benefits: a guide to your financial entitlement


You are entitled to support if you are homeless or facing the risk of eviction. Financial benefits, housing support and access to government employment programmes are all key to helping homeless people gain their independence. However, for the homeless, benefits - and the process of claiming them - can sometimes seem confusing. This post provides a handy guide.


"I have something to offer, insight not everyone can claim to, and I now have a voice"


Dena Pursell, Groundswell Care Navigator for Lambeth, shares her story and powerfully illustrates why including lived experience expertise is so vital.


Shelter and The Adecco Group

Jake Sawer: Shelter

People who experience homelessness often face huge barriers when looking for work. It is here that the foundation of the partnership between Shelter and The Adecco Group stems. The Adecco Group are a global recruitment company, delivering services across all sectors and areas of employment. Together we are working to transform the lives of those who face, or are at risk, of homelessness.


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