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Despite the high cost, the energy efficiency target in Scotland would only reduce fuel poverty by 24%

Posted 06.07.21
Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA): Further reading

A new report released by the SFHA has found that an energy efficiency standard for social homes, to be met by 2032, which aims to tackle fuel poverty, would only reduce the total percentage of households in fuel poverty from 38% to 29%, despite costing housing associations in Scotland an estimated £2 billion.

As a result of the research findings, SFHA is calling on the Scottish Government to carry out an urgent and comprehensive review of the Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing Two (EESSH2).

EESSH2 is a follow up to EESSH, which was created to help remove poor energy efficiency as a driver for fuel poverty and to contribute to achieving the Scottish Government's climate change emissions reduction targets.

EESSH had a minimum rating milestone and target date of 31 December 2020, and EESSH2 is to be met by 31 December 2032.

The standard is based on the minimum Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating. To reach EESSH2, all social housing would need to meet EPC band B (Energy Efficiency rating) - or be as energy efficient as practicably possible, within the limits of cost, technology and necessary consent - by the end of December 2032.

The research also found that only 7% of housing association stock currently meets the target rating for EESSH2.

Installing all of the standard's applicable improvements to the remaining properties, including insulation and boiler upgrades, would see this rise to 41%, leaving 59% of the stock unable to meet the target rating.


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Updated 01.07.21

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