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Flagship Group changes its company structure to help provide a more local service

Posted 05.07.21
Flagship Group: Further reading

Flagship Group owns, manages, and maintains over 31,000 homes in the East of England. It is made up of three housing associations, an in-house repairs & maintenance provider, a heating specialist, and a homelessness charity.

Having seen significant change over the last few years, the Group is moving to a new company structure - designed to help it focus on providing better local services.

In 2017, Victory Housing joined Flagship Group - it will now manage around 10,000 homes in Norfolk and will change its name to Victory Homes.

Suffolk Housing, which joined the Group in February 2020, will now manage about10,000 homes in Norfolk, Suffolk & Cambridge, under its new name, Samphire Homes.

Flagship Homes will now provide approximately 10,000 homes to social housing tenants across seven local authorities in Norfolk, Suffolk, and Essex - under its new name of Newtide Homes.

The Flagship Homes brand will still exist. However, it will now focus on building new homes and managing all shared ownership and private lettings customers.


Housing Plus - taking a look at how social landlords often go 'a step further'

Updated 10.07.21
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Housing Plus provides brief summaries of a selection of recent news from social landlords that can be described as 'in addition to landlord/tenant requirements' - often associated with the welfare of residents and others in the community.


Posted: 05.07.21
Notting Hill Genesis: Further reading

As part of Notting Hill Genisis' corporate strategy commitment 'to create thriving communities', £5,000 will be available each quarter to fund projects on its estates and blocks that encourage a sense of community and improve resident involvement.


Posted: 08.07.21
A2Dominion: Further reading

A2Dominion is currently accepting applications for its apprenticeship programme, as well as placing apprentices with three of its partner organisations. The association has had 28 apprentices work with it since 2012, and many of them have gone on to secure permanent roles with it.


Posted: 09.07.21
Clarion Housing Group: Further reading

Following the announcement earlier in the year that Clarion Housing Group had secured funding from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to create hundreds of job placements for unemployed 16-24 year-olds under the Kickstart Scheme, the first young people have started in their roles. It will be offering six-month placements for 314 young people and to date 60 have joined the Group.


Posted: 09.07.21
Hyde: Further reading

Hyde held its first Building Panel Safety, which it has established to talk about its approach to building safety and how the changes in legislation will shape our services in the future. The panel is made up of eight resident volunteers and key colleagues from Hyde's Property Directorate.


Posted: 20.07.21
Longhurst Group: Further reading

More than 8,500 recordings have been submitted by Longhurst Group customers via an app designed to help tackle anti-social behaviour.


Posted: 29.07.21
Peabody: Further reading

After assessing Peabody's work in key areas - including domestic abuse policies, training and risk management - the Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance has award it a domestic abuse accreditation.


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Updated 30.07.21

Catalyst: Peabody and Catalyst have announced proposals to join together to create a better, locally focused organisation - both organisations are launching consultations with residents to seek their views.


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