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New report into New Providence Wharf fire shows serious fire safety issues in building

Posted 01.06.21
London Fire Brigade: Further reading

A serious failure of a smoke ventilation system that resulted in the building acting like a "broken chimney" left residents' only escape route smoke logged during the New Providence Wharf fire, a report released today by London Fire Brigade has said.

The report confirms that the fire on May 7th 2021 started in a consumer unit, known more commonly as the fuse board, in an 8th floor flat. Due to the severity of the fire more testing is needed to find out how exactly the consumer unit failed.

The fire then travelled out of an open balcony window. At the same time smoke poured into the corridor through a flat door that had accidentally been kept open.

The Brigade's provisional investigation into the fire has found that in this particular instance, ACM cladding panels did not significantly contribute to the external spread of the fire.

The response to New Providence Wharf fire demonstrated the significant changes the Brigade has made since the Grenfell Tower fire.

Increased numbers of firefighters and appliances initially sent to high rise fires as standard; familliarisation visits conducted by crews prior to the fire, the introduction of new evacuation procedures; improved communications between the control room and the incident ground; and fire escape hoods - all helped save lives.

The above link gives access to the full report.


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