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Three quarters of all MPs support government paying for all building safety costs

Posted 26.04.21
National Housing Federation (NHF): Further reading

Three quarters of MPs say the government should pay the costs of all building safety work upfront and then claim it back later from those responsible - such as manufacturers and private developers - according to a recent YouGov poll commissioned by the NHF.

This is the first measure of MPs' opinion on the building safety crisis since a package of funding for safety remedial works was announced by the government on 10 February - which left social housing residents, not-for-profit landlords and many homeowners still picking up the costs.

Looking at the impact of the Treasury's funding package in more detail, the National Housing Federation has found:

The Treasury's package includes £3.5 billion additional funding for leaseholders to remove dangerous cladding from high-rise buildings. However this is a fraction of the funding needed to make all buildings safe.

For comparison, not-for-profit social landlords estimate they will have to spend in excess of £10 billion to make all their buildings safe over the next decade.

Without additional funding from Treasury, housing associations are forced to divert billions of charitable funds away from the upkeep of existing social homes, investment in poorer communities and the building of new social housing.

The National Housing Federation is urgently calling on the government to fund the upfront costs of all fire safety works on behalf of social housing providers and leaseholders and claim this money back from those responsible such as private developers and manufacturers, once works are completed.


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