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Communication is key if social landlords are to deliver the decarbonisation agenda say PlaceShapers and Tpas

Posted 26.03.21
PlaceShapers: Further reading

The social housing sector should work collaboratively to develop clear communications advice so landlords can best work with residents and communities to deliver green homes.

This is the key finding of a report from Tpas and PlaceShapers, based on focus groups with over 100 residents and key sector sustainability experts.

Tpas and PlaceShapers were concerned that residents' understanding of what the Government's 'Net Zero Carbon' target means for their homes wasn't being adequately considered by policy makers and landlords.

Their report, Residents' voices in the UK's Net Zero Carbon journey contains insights from residents from around the country and makes several recommendations to landlords and the government to help deliver a step change in communication and engagement with residents and communities.

The report finds that key to good engagement is a clear message that focuses on saving money as much as saving the planet.

It also recommends social landlords employ resident engagement experts to talk about the new technologies - and that every staff member must have knowledge of green technology so they can respond to residents' questions and concerns.

The above link provides access to the full reprt.


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