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A new guide for housing associations to providing fantastic homes for Gypsies and Travellers

Posted 10.03.21
National Housing Fedferation (NHF): Further reading

Boris Worrall is the Chief Executive of Rooftop Housing Association.

In this blog for the NHF, he recalls how four years ago he and Jo Richardson (Professor of Housing and Social Inclusion at De Montfort University) met and decided to try to bring together housing providers to try to change the perceptions of Gypsy Traveller communities, address discrimination and create the conditions for more and better social housing.

The article reports on how ideas have developed and that there are now more than 20 organisations involved on the National Policy Advisory Panel on Gypsy and Traveller Housing.

With a tiny budget, housing association professionals have come together to share what works so that others can understand and hopefully engage in this vital provision.

The group includes Gypsy and Traveller advocacy organisations, to ensure community voices are represented. However, it is clear in its remit that this is a provider-led piece of work - to show what can be done to build more and better affordable Gypsy Traveller sites.

This month, the group has produced a new guide - Places we're proud of - designed to encourage housing associations to take a look at how fantastic homes can be delivered and managed for Gypsies and Travellers.


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