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Evidence submitted during February at the Second Phase of the Inquiry

The second phase of the Grenfell Tower Inquiry reconvened on Monday 8th February, after a two-month suspension caused by the rising number of Covid cases.

Full transcripts of all evidence submitted can be found on the Inquiry's website via this link.

The links links below are to articles that have appeared elsewhere, which report on key evidence (and related issues) submitted to the inquiry this month.

The Grenfell Tower Inquiry heard that employees at Kingspan who conducted fire tests on their products kept the reports "secret".
- BBC News: 08.02.21: Article link


Deborah French, the former sales manager at Arconic - the company that sold combustible cladding for use on Grenfell Tower - tells the Inquiry she knew cladding could burn but did not tell customers.
- The Guardian: 09.02.21: Article link


The Grenfell Tower cladding manufacturer Arconic considered withdrawing its combustible panels from sale before the disaster after a spate of high-rise cladding fires in the Middle East but decided against it for "commercial reasons".
- The Guardian: 12.02.21: Article link


Claude Schmidt, the managing director of Arconic Architectural Products - the French firm that made the combustible cladding used on Grenfell Towers - admits his firm takes responsibility for selling the cladding on a "false basis" on "incomplete information".
- Sky News: 16.02.21: Article link


One of the most senior US executives at Arconic was probably told that the company's cladding panels were unsafe for buildings above 12 metres in height two years before the Grenfell Tower disaster.
- The Guardian: 22.02.21: Article link


A Building Research Establishment fire-test manager has denied he broke the law to advise Celotex on how its product, which was later used on the Grenfell Tower, could pass fire tests.
- Construction News: 24.02.21: Article link


A senior testing technician has blamed a string of apparent errors he made when testing insulation destined for Grenfell Tower on the testing hall being too busy.
- Building Design: 25.02.21: Article link


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