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Evidence submitted during October at the Second Phase of the Inquiry

The second phase of the Grenfell Tower Inquiry reconvened on Monday 7th September. Full transcripts of all evidence submitted can be found on the Inquiry's website via this link.

The links links below are to articles that have appeared elsewhere, which summarise key evidence (and related issues) submitted to the inquiry this month.

A project manager on the Grenfell Tower refurbishment has admitted she "binned" notebooks relating to her work, after the deadly fire at the building.
- BBC News: 19.10.20: Article link


Director at Grenfell Tower TMO describes how fatal cladding saved £800,000.
- The Guardian: 26.10.20: Article link


A Warrington firm gave 'entirely inadequate' safety advice over the refurbishment of the Grenfell Tower.
- Warrington Guardian: 29.10.20: Article link


There were so many issues around fire warnings and emergency escape routes from Grenfell tower that the plans to renovate it "should have been rejected" by Kensington and Chelsea council.
- MyLondon: 30.10.20: Article link


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