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Research suggests cramped living conditions might be accelerating the spread of coronavirus

Posted 14.04.20
The Guardian: Further reading

An article in The Guardian looks at how coronavirus could be ripping through some of the poorest and most overcrowded parts of Britain's cities, as new research suggests cramped living conditions might be accelerating the spread of the virus.

The Guardian article refers to analysis by the New Policy Institute (NPI), which shows that even after allowing for the much higher infection rates in London, the top five most-crowded areas in the country have seen 70% more coronavirus cases than the five least-crowded - where better-off homeowners are likely to live in larger homes with spare bedrooms and more than one bathroom.

It notes that coronavirus hotspots such as London and Birmingham both have pockets of extreme overcrowding. Just over 11% of homes in the capital and 9% of homes in Birmingham are classed as overcrowded - the two highest rates in the UK.

NPI director Peter Kenway said: "Our models show that even when you allow for the obvious factors, there is still a heightened risk to overcrowded households, especially when you have older people living with younger people."

Professor Gabriel Scally, president of epidemiology at the Royal Society of Medicine, said: "Houses in multiple occupation must be in the same category as care homes because of the sheer press of people." He added: "I have no doubt that these kinds of overcrowded conditions are tremendously potent in spreading the virus."

The above link gives access to the full article and a further link for the NPI analysis.


New scheme launched by NHG to help people live well with dementia

Posted 13.04.20
Notting Hill Genesis (NHG): Further reading

A new group has been launched at one of NHG's extra care schemes to help those living with dementia, and their carers, to join together in a welcoming environment.

Based at its Cheviot Gardens scheme in Lambeth, the Living Well Group - which is hosted by Age Exchange - is an opportunity to meet and socialise.

NHG has pledged to become completely Dementia Friendly by raising awareness, knowledge and understanding of dementia - both internally and externally - and getting staff and residents trained to become 'Dementia Friends'.

The Living Well Group is the latest of several initiatives that NHG is supporting across its older peoples' services to increase awareness of dementia and offer local support to live well with the condition.


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