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Researcher calls for national approach to end rough sleeping in bins

Posted 25.02.20
The Open University: Further reading

Growing numbers of rough sleepers in the UK have given rise to people taking shelter in bins, which Open University (OU) research finds is putting their lives in danger.

An OU environmental researcher is urging waste producers, homelessness services and waste operators to help put a stop to this life-threatening practice.

The findings demonstrate that there is a long way to go and a lot more to do to prevent people using bins as a place of refuge.

Key recommendations include:

The report also also highlights a role for members of the public in helping to tackle this issue by reporting incidents of rough sleeping in bins to a local homeless charity.


New research - Women, Homelessness and Health

Posted 14.02.20
Groundswell: Further reading

New research, conducted by Groundswell, has found that 74% of women who are homeless have a physical health issue and 64% were experiencing mental health issues.

The research, funded by the Greater London Authority, aimed to understand the health conditions women who are homeless were facing and how homelessness affected their health.

It was carried out by volunteers, all who themselves have experienced homelessness, enabling them to build trust and relate to the women they were talking to.

A podcast was recorded by the researchers, giving insight into these issues the research explores directly from the voices of the women themselves.

The above link provides access to the full research report.


Wales rough sleeper count for November 2019 shows an increase

Posted 04.02.20
Welsh Government: Further reading

Local authorities estimated that 405 persons were sleeping rough across Wales over 2 weeks between 14th and 27th October 2019.

This is an increase of 17% (58 persons) compared with the exercise in October 2018, with trends varying across authorities.

Local authorities reported 176 individuals observed sleeping rough across Wales between 10pm on the 7th and 5am on 8th November 2019.

This was an increase of 11% (18 persons) on the previous year, with trends varying across local authorities.


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