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NHF's shared ownership campaign is going public

Posted 20.01.20
National Housing Federation (NHF): Further reading

In her latest blog, Kate Henderson, Chief Executive at the NHF, updates on the development of a new message for shared ownership, which forms the basis of a nationwide advertising programme launching this month.

Two years ago, the NHF began a discussion with a group of housing associations about how to better promote shared ownership to the public.

With the backing of a steering group of its members - and the support of more than forty other housing associations - the NHF has developed a campaign to help us create a consistent and clear message about shared ownership.

Now it has reached the stage of launching a nationwide advertising campaign, helping people understand what shared ownership is and breaking down the many misconceptions that exist around it.

Supporting this advertising is the NHF's new website - - to help people understand more about the product, and helping them work out whether it might be the right solution for them.


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Updated 03.01.20

Altair Ltd: Media Watch: Where does shared ownership fit in the UK housing market? - by Sarah-Joy Lewis, Principal Consultant and Aaron Elliott, Associate Director.


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