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Housing Plus takes a look at how social landlords often go 'a step further'

Updated 18.12.19
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Housing Plus provides brief reports on activities of social landlords that can be described as 'in addition to landlord/tenant requirements', often associated with the welfare of residents and others in the community - with links for further reading.

This edition covers the period July to December 2019 and is regularly updated.

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Network Homes brings in life time tenancies

Posted 13.12.19
Network Homes: Further reading

Network Homes has decided to bring in life time tenancies for all new tenants and convert all existing fixed term tenancies.

This means it will stop giving new tenants fixed term tenancies immediately. Every new tenant of a social rent or affordable rent home will be given an assured tenancy, which lasts as long as they want it.

For existing fixed term tenants, it will look at what is the most practical way of converting their tenancies. It would prefer to convert them all soon, but it's possible that it will phase them, or wait until the end of the five-year term to renew them as assured tenancies.


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