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Labour pledges the biggest council house building programme for decades

Updated 28.11.19
Labour Party: Further reading

The Labour Party's manifesto includes new plans for the biggest council and social housing programme in decades.

This will be paid for with funding from Labour's Social Transformation Fund, half of which - around £75 billion over five years - will be allocated to housing.

The manifesto pledges that the homes will be built to cutting edge design and green standards, citing the award winning Goldsmith Street council development in Norwich as an example.

Labour's plans include:

The Labour manifesto pledges a £1 billion fire safety fund to fit sprinklers and other fire safety measures in all high-rise blocks council and housing association tower blocks.

There is also a commitment to enforcing the replacement of Grenfell-style dangerous cladding on all high-rise homes and buildings.

Other commitments in the manifesto include:

Another key proposal in the manifesto is to end the Right to Buy.


Conservatives focus on home ownership with its building targets and commitment to continuing Right to Buy

Posted 26.11.19
Conservative Party: Further reading


The Conservative Party manifesto has launched, with the catchphrase "get Brexit done" printed at the top.

Focusing, this is some of the key issues in the manifesto:

In contrast to the Labour manifesto, the Conservatives are committed to retaining the Right to Buy for council and housing association tenants.


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