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Camden Council obtains London's first rogue landlord banning order

Posted 19.11.19
Camden Council: Further reading

Camden Council has obtained London's first rogue landlord banning order against a man who repeatedly placed tenants' lives at risk through letting unsafe housing.

A raid on a flat in King's Cross found three bedrooms with bunk beds in some rooms, fire safety issues and general disrepair - for which the landlord received two Civil Penalty Notices with fines totaling £15,000.

Tenants' health and safety was placed at risk through non-working fire alarms, a kitchen door broken off its hinges and the property being overcrowded as the kitchen was too small.

It was also further overcrowded with four bunk bed spaces in one room and three beds plus two bunk bed spaces in another two rooms, packed in to ensure maximum commercial advantage.

Following a hearing at the first tier tribunal, the landlord was banned for four years from letting any housing in England and engaging in English letting agency work or property management work.

If the banning order is breached, penalties can include imprisonment for up to 51 weeks or a court fine - or both - or a Civil Financial Penalty of up to £30,000.


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