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L&Q launch new health and wellbeing service in Lewisham

Posted 17.07.19
L&Q: Further reading

Charitable housing association, L&Q has launched an innovative new initiative to boost health and wellbeing amongst its residents in Lewisham.

The 24-month pilot scheme - 'Routes to Health' - will offer residents a comprehensive 45-minute diagnostic session, either in their homes or locally.

Using a person-centred approach, the service will look at how lifestyle changes can have a meaningful impact on health outcomes.

Residents will then be encouraged to take part in up to five one-to-one appointments, to support them to make changes and track their progress over the next six weeks.

As well as advice on quitting smoking, healthy eating and exercise, those taking part will also be coached in relaxation techniques and goal-setting.

L&Q, which has 10,000 residents in Lewisham, is funding the service through their Independent Lives team.

Around 300 residents are expected to benefit from the pilot, which is being run in association with Thrive Tribe, a lifestyle service provider that specialises in preventative healthcare.


Over 100 people succeed with Swan's Training and Employment programme

Posted 10.07.19
Swan Housing Association: Further reading

Swan's Resident Involvement and Community Development team held a graduation ceremony to celebrate more than 100 residents who have gained formal qualifications through an innovative Training and Employment programme.

Working together with partners including Clarion Futures and course provider WEA, the training courses are designed to help people gain the skills needed for work.

Many of the participants, have already secured work placements and jobs directly related to their courses.

The innovative Training and Employment scheme offers free, certificated training to Swan residents.


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