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Government 'far too slow' in Grenfell Tower fire response, says Committee

Posted 18.07.19
Parliament.UK: Further reading

In the two years since the Grenfell Tower fire, the Government has been "far too slow" in reforming the building and fire safety regime and is still not doing enough to remove dangerous cladding from existing buildings.

In its report, the Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee has called on the Government to recognise the need for urgency.

The report warns that the £200 million that the Government has set aside for the remediation of private sector residential buildings with ACM cladding will not be sufficient.

The Government has also failed to provide funding for other forms of potentially dangerous cladding materials currently found on hundreds more existing residential and high-risk buildings.

Delay is no longer an option and the Government must fulfill its moral duty to ensure buildings are safe by setting out a firm timescale for removal.


WV Living pioneering way with fire safety sprinklers

Posted 17.07.19
WV Living: Further reading

WV Living has become one of the first UK council owned housing companies to commit to fitting sprinklers in all its newbuild properties.

WV Living is currently building the first of 1,000 homes it has planned for the city over 4 years.

Its initial properties fully comply with fire safety standards - and now it is taking the step to install sprinklers in the water system of all newbuild homes for rent and sale.

Work is set to start on the biggest of its sites, where the 266 new homes will all be fitted with the new sprinklers.

All new WV Living homes built on new sites will also be fitted with integrated sprinkler systems.


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