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New pledge launched to help more housing organisations tackle domestic abuse

Posted 09.04.19
Chartered Institute of Housing: Further reading

Organisations working in the housing sector are being urged to sign up to a new pledge which aims to help tackle domestic abuse.

The Make a Stand supporters' pledge has been created by the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) in partnership with Women's Aid and the Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance.

It's aimed at organisations that work in or closely with the housing sector but don't provide homes - such as contractors, suppliers, trade bodies and membership organisations.

The pledge is a development of CIH's original Make a Stand pledge, which is designed for social landlords - more than 320 housing providers have signed up to it since its launch last year.

Organisations which sign up to the Make a Stand supporters' pledge have until September 2020 to put the three commitments in place. They are:

Organisations can sign up to the supporters' pledge via the above link.


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Updated 09.04.19

  • Berneslai Homes: Repairs van promotes 'Make a Stand' and #SpeakUp domestic abuse campaigns - as part of a commitment to raise awareness.
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