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Grants will support the sector to end women's homelessness

Posted 29.03.19
Homeless Link: Article link

Homeless Link has been awarded £2 million from the Department of Culture, Media and Sport's "Tampon Tax Fund" to deliver an onward grants programme across England, enabling increased investment in direct support to women who are at risk of homelessness.

Jacqui McCluskey, Director of Policy and Communications at Homeless Link, said:

"We are delighted to receive this funding, which will be distributed to front-line organisations of all sizes to enable them to develop and deliver effective, gender and trauma informed services for women experiencing homelessness.

"By promoting true collaboration between the women's sector and homelessness organisations, this work will strengthen the support available with the ultimate aim of ending homelessness for women once and for all."


Councils will share over £46 million to help get people off the streets

Posted 26.03.19
GOV.UK: Article link

Communities Secretary, James Brokenshire, announced that councils across the country will share over £46 million to help get people off the streets and into accommodation.

The money forms part of the government's £100 million Rough Sleeping Strategy and will be used to fund rough sleeping coordinator roles, add new or additional outreach services and extend existing or provide new temporary accommodation.

This includes night shelters and hostel spaces. There is also an opportunity to provide housing-led solutions such as Housing First services.

Some projects will provide specialist support such as family reconnections, immigration advice or access to mental and physical health services.

Others will focus on providing services for specific groups of people, such as vulnerable women, those transitioning from leaving care or people trying to get their life back on track after leaving prison.

The funding includes £34 million for the 83 Rough Sleeping Areas and an additional £12 million for other areas of the country.


Brokenshire announces funding boost for homeless veterans

Posted 21.03.19
GOV.UK: Article link

Communities Secretary, James Brokenshire, announced that veterans who have become homeless, or at risk of it, will be supported through an extra £1 million boost.

The money will help ensure those who have served their country have a roof over their heads and have the support they need once leaving the Armed Forces.

The fund will be shared among the ten combined authorities and the Greater London Authority, who will be able to use the funding to provide veterans with the bespoke support they need in civilian life.

Money could also be used to direct former soldiers to existing specialist support services on offer, such as access to supported housing and training for staff on mental health issues - including post-traumatic stress disorder.


A third of homeless deaths are from treatable conditions

Posted 13.03.19
UCL: Article link

A third of deaths among homeless people are caused by treatable conditions such as tuberculosis and gastric ulcers, which can improve with the right care, a UCL study has found.

The research analysed nearly 4,000 in-depth medical records for 600 people who died in English hospitals between 2013 and 2016 and who were homeless when they were admitted.

They compared the deaths to those of a similar group of people in terms of age and sex who were in the lowest socio-economic category but who had a home.

Contrary to popular perception that homeless people are most likely to die from hypothermia or alcohol and drug overdoses, most of the deaths were from illnesses.

Those in the homeless group were twice as likely to die of strokes as the poorest people - who had proper accommodation and they were also more substantially affected by cardiovascular disease as a whole.

A fifth of the 600 deaths were caused by cancer and another fifth died from digestive diseases such as intestinal obstruction or pancreatitis.


£19.5 million to help those facing homelessness to secure a PRS home

Posted 04.03.19
GOV.UK: Article link

Housing Minister Heather Wheeler has confirmed over £19.5 million is to be shared among 54 projects across England to help thousands of people who are homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless, to secure their own home.

Councils will use the funding boost to help vulnerable people secure their own tenancy through support - such as, paying deposits or putting down the first months' rent.

This funding forms part of the £100 million Rough Sleeping Strategy which set out detailed plans to end rough sleeping for good.


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