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Council backs campaign to end no fault evictions of private rent tenants

Posted 30.01.19
Waltham Forest Council: Article link

Waltham Forest Council is one of the first councils in the country to back the national Generation Rent campaign to stop private sector landlords being able to evict tenants without good reason.

Currently, under the Housing Act 1988, private sector landlords can evict their tenants with just two months notice - even if the tenant is paying the rent required and hasn't broken any tenancy conditions.

Waltham Forest Council's Cabinet Member for Housing, Councillor Louise Mitchell, said:

"We understand that landlords should be able to evict tenants who fail to pay their rent or break reasonable tenancy conditions.

"However, simply giving two months notice before evicting a tenant who is paying their rent and obeying their tenancy conditions is something we think is unreasonable."

Waltham Forest is the sixth councilto support the national campaign to remove S21 of the Housing Act 1988, so that residents in private rented accommodation are protected against 'no fault' evictions.


Selective licensing schemes help to tackle dangerous properties but could go further

Posted 24.01.19
Chartered Institute of Housing: Article link

Selective licensing schemes are helping to tackle poor standards in the private rented sector - but could be even more effective with more government support.

A new joint report from the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) and the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) analysed the impact of schemes run by 20 councils across England.

Selective licensing means that all privately rented homes in a certain area have to be licensed with the local authority, but relatively few authorities have these schemes in place.

Councils normally use them in small areas to tackle problems including low property demand, poor property conditions, high levels of anti-social behaviour and crime and significant levels of migration and deprivation.

The CIH/CIEH analysis found that selective licensing isn't a 'quick win' - it may be several years before tenants start to see results - but many schemes are now delivering significant benefits.

The report outlines a series of recommendations for the government to boost standards for private renters.

It also outlines recommendations for councils looking to set up a scheme, including being clear about their intended outcomes and how they will be measured and monitored.

The above link gives access to download the report.


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  • GOV.UK: Tighter rules to be introduced on electrical safety to better protect renters in the private sector - including mandatory electrical inspections must be carried out by competent and qualified inspectors.

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