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Board Members' Conference

Posted 07.01.19
National Housing Federation: Article link

1st-2nd February 2019

Once a year, over 250 board members meet to hear from high profile speakers and build their networks of colleagues committed to improving governance and board performance.

Highlights include:

The above link gives access to the full programme and online booking arrangements.


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Updated 07.01.19

  • Scottish Federation of Housing Associations: Chairs' Conference - 1st-2nd February 2019: Glasgow.
  • Chartered Institute of Housing: The Big Conversation - 5th February 2019: London.
  • National Housing Federation: South West Winter Conference - 6th February 2019: Taunton.
  • Scottish Federation of Housing Associations: Development Conference: Meeting Housing Need - 12th February 2019: Glasgow.
  • Scottish Federation of Housing Associations: Procurement Conference - 13th February 2019: Glasgow.
  • National Housing Federation: Customer Experience in Housing Conference - 26th February 2019: London.
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