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Government condemns Grenfell Tower video on social media

Posted 05.11.18
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The government released the following statement regarding a Grenfell Tower video posted on social media.

'We are aware that a video is trending on social media showing an effigy of Grenfell Tower being burned on a bonfire. The government condemns this video in the strongest terms.'

Secretary of State for Communities, Rt Hon James Brokenshire MP, said:

"At a time when the bereaved and survivors are giving testimony to the Grenfell Inquiry and reliving the unimaginable horror of that tragedy, it beggars belief that anyone should do this.

"Those responsible for this repugnant material are beneath contempt. I know that the police have been made aware of this video and will work to establish whether any offences have been committed.

"I would urge people not to continue to share this video."

UK Housing Comment

It is the role of publications like KeyFacts to factually 'report' and not to 'express opinion'. However, there are exceptions and this is one. We share the views reported above and fully agree with the the guidance given.


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Updated 06.11.18

  • The Guardian: Five surrender to police over burning effigy of Grenfell Tower - they handed themselves in at a south London police station at 10pm on Monday (5th November).
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