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New projects announced to prevent youth homelessness in Wales

Posted 20.11.18
Welsh Government: Article link

Last year, the First Minister announced an extra £10 million to support the Welsh Government's target to end youth homelessness in Wales by 2027.

In this latest announcement, First Minister, Carwyn Jones has set out how this funding will be used to identify those at risk of becoming homeless sooner and to take preventative action.

The funding includes:

The funding also includes £1 million to double the St David's Day Fund which already provides practical financial support to care leavers in their move towards adulthood and independence.


Joint letter calls for NHS Long Term Plan to address shocking health inequalities for homeless people

Posted 06.11.18
Homeless Link: Article link

More than 20 organisations representing nurses, outreach workers and homeless health professionals have joined forces with a letter to urge NHS England CEO Simon Stevens to spend more on specialist health interventions for homeless people.

People who are homeless experience some of the worst health outcomes in England, and die 30 years earlier than the general population.

Rough sleeping has risen by 169% since 2010. Of the people seen sleeping rough in London in 2017-18, 50% had mental health problems, 43% had alcohol problems and 40% had drug problems. Estimates also put the proportion with physical health conditions at 46%.

Following the new £20 billion funding over the next five years announced in the 2018 Budget, the organisations - including St Mungo's, Homeless Link and the Queen's Nursing Institute - are urging NHS England to use the upcoming Long Term Plan to commit some of this new spending to dedicated specialist interventions.

They also want to see a clear plan for how to address the shocking health inequalities that exist at present.

The above link gives access to the draft of the letter.


Greater Manchester launches its ground-breaking plan to tackle rough sleeping this winter

Posted 02.11.18
Greater Manchester Combined Authority: Article link

'A Bed Every Night - ' Greater Manchester's ambitious plan to tackle homelessness and rough sleeping - commenced on the evening of 1st November with the opening of accommodation in every borough.

This winter's large-scale joined-up approach will see the provision of an initial 260 beds for individuals sleeping rough every night of the forthcoming winter, November to March.

As well as a bed, the aim is to provide access to hot food, a hot shower and specialist support to enable those in accommodation to begin a sustainable journey away from life on the streets and for all provision to be of the highest possible standard.

All 10 local authorities across the City-region have pledged support and resources, while the Mayor is appealing to the public to donate money to the Mayor's Homelessness Fund, with every penny directed to back 'A Bed Every Night' over the coming months.


New Figures: London rough sleeping hits record levels

Posted 01.11.18
Crisis: Article link

New figures reveal that 3,103 people were found sleeping rough in London between July and September 2018 - the first time levels have risen to over 3,000 in a single quarter.

The numbers reveal an increase in rough sleepers of 20% on the previous quarter and an increase of 17% on the same period last year.

Over the same period, outreach teams recorded 1,382 people sleeping rough for the first time - a rise of 28% on the previous period and 20% on the same period last year.

The figures present information about people seen rough sleeping by outreach teams in London in July - September 2018.


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