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League table shows London boroughs' delivery of social housing for 2014-17

Posted 29.10.18
London Tenants Federation: Article link

London Tenants Federation (LTF) has produced league tables showing the best and worst London boroughs for delivery of social-rented homes as a percentage of total homes delivered for years 2014-17.

The data was derived from the London Plan Annual Monitoring Reports, the most recent being published by Sadiq Khan's office in September 2018.

Top of the table were Greenwich, where 15% of the homes delivered were social-rented, followed by Havering and Tower Hamlets with 14%.

Bexley, Bromley, Hackney, Harrow and Lambeth were among the worst. Together, the five boroughs oversaw a net loss of 637 social-rented homes.

The above link gives access to the tables.


Co-living and micro-homes most popular solutions to housing crisis

Posted 15.10.18
Federation of Master Builders (FMB): Article link

Building more co-living developments and micro-homes in urban areas top the list of people's preferred solutions to the housing crisis according to new research by the FMB.

The FMB asked 2,000 home owners across the UK if there is a housing shortage. Two-thirds (66%) believe that there is.

They were asked for views on the most appropriate solutions to the housing shortage. The key results are as follows:

Commenting on the research, Brian Berry, Chief Executive of the FMB, said:

"While these solutions are food for thought, if we want to solve the housing crisis, we need to reduce barriers to small, local building firms.

"Recent research from the Federation of Master Builders shows that the lack of small sites and difficulties hiring skilled tradespeople are limiting the amount of homes these firms can build."


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