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Greater Manchester Housing Providers are building much more than just homes

Posted 10.10.18
Greater Manchester Housing Providers (GMHP): Article link

Housing providers across Greater Manchester are proving they are about much more than just bricks and mortar.

A new social value report released by GMHP has revealed that collectively they have:

GMHP is a collaboration between 25 social housing providers from across Greater Manchester who work together to improve lives for people across the region.

The report, which covers the 2017/18 financial year, also reveals how GMHP has awarded £2.2 million in community grants and supported more than 1,000 local groups and projects.


Eight Salford fly-tippers caught out in clamp-down by housing association

Posted 09.10.18
Salix Homes: Article link

Salix Homes has caught eight fly-tippers in Salford as part of a week-long crack-down.

The housing association organised its first ever Catch the Culprit Campaign, which aimed to identify the perpetrators blighting Salford's communities with rubbish.

Its Environment Team spent a week identifying incidents of fly-tipping across the City, before taping off the illegally-dumped waste as a 'crime scene'.

The team then searched through the mountains of rubbish, which included old sofas, mattresses and bin bags of waste, to identify any clues, which could lead to tracking down the culprit.

One person was identified from a discarded medicine bottle, while others were caught-out from post and letters which revealed their names and addresses.

All the perpetrators that were caught-out during the clampdown were identified as Salix Homes tenants and were handed tenancy warnings.

One of the culprits removed the dumped waste themselves, while the others were charged for the removal costs.


L&Q Foundation generates £23.5 million social value

Posted 01.10.18
L&Q: Article link

L&Q's charitable foundation has announced record numbers in a report of its performance for the last year.

The L&Q Foundation was established in 2011 to help residents and the communities they live in. Its 2018 report revealed:

The Foundation's work is split into three areas: Independent lives, successful places and social responsibility.


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