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L&Q to end Fixed Term Tenancies to give greater security to social housing residents

Posted 21.09.18
L&Q: Article link

L&Q has announced that it is to end the use of Fixed Term Tenancies (FTTs) and instead offer open-ended assured tenancies as its preferred tenure type. It will also move 8,500 existing fixed term tenants onto assured tenancies.

At the same time, L&Q has announced that it is working closely with residents to develop a compelling offer to support aspiring homeowners and customers who need to move due to a change in their circumstances.

The decision follows extensive research and consultation with residents and a detailed analysis of data covering the full life-cycle of FTTs. It also responds to the government's offer of greater flexibility outlined in the recent Green Paper, "A new deal for social housing".

Research highlighted the fact that many residents suffer anxiety about the renewal process. It also found that FTTs were not achieving their desired policy outcomes, largely because they introduce an arbitrary renewal date that does not reflect individual circumstances.


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